Backache hurts, Knowing About It Doesn’t

Author: Dr. Latika Gupta MBBS, MD, DM (Clinical Immunology), Rheumatologist

“Pain in the lower back can be a harbinger of chronic arthritis of the spine in younger individuals, more so often, in men. This kind of pain is felt in the mornings or wee hours in the night and is associated with stiffness of the spine”

The bark of  the “back ache” is always stronger than its bite. The pain makes it much worse than it actually is.

One in every four people has had a back ache at some point of time in his life. Its a professional hazard for dentists, engineers and farmers. Pain in the lower back starts off as a regular occurrence and people generally tend to move on with it by popping pills on and off. So, are these pills capable of eradicating back aches? Do we need to worry at all, or rather when should we start taking our back pain seriously?

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